Why can't I Replace Part of the Clutch Kit?


If you decide to replace only one of the clutch compone […]

If you decide to replace only one of the clutch components in the Clutch Kit, no one will stop you. You can do this as needed, but this method is neither appropriate nor expensive. By replacing only one or two components, you can not only save costs but also significantly improve the bonding properties. why?
The clutch is an integrated system in which one component connects its components together once it is worn, which means that if it is not used at the same time, the other components will soon wear out.
This is why all manufacturers provide a set of couplings, including: pressure plate, drive plate and release bearing. Therefore, the entire system can be easily replaced, and all its elements can work normally.
The manufacturer also provides a flywheel in the clutch kit. It is not part of the clutch, but since the clutch is already connected, it is recommended that you also replace it with a new one. Usually, the clutch kit also includes bearings, springs and centering tools.
It is not easy to replace the clutch kit yourself. In order to do this, you must not only have very good technical knowledge, but also the skills of a mechanic. Disassembling a worn clutch with a new tool kit is time consuming and requires a lot of tools.
Therefore, the advice of experts is not not to do it yourself, but to find a reliable mechanic or repair center where they will disassemble and assemble the clutch according to all the rules.
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