Why Are Hydraulic Release Bearings Welcomed?


    The hydraulic release bearing, also known as the co […]

    The hydraulic release bearing, also known as the coaxial hydraulic auxiliary cylinder, plays the role of the slave cylinder in the clutch release system. The clutch release system with hydraulic release bearing is the most mainstream form of the clutch release system at present because of its lightweight, high integration, and high work efficiency.

    Different from the traditional hydraulic auxiliary cylinder, it integrates a release bearing with a guide sleeve, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the release bearing to complete the separation of the clutch, with a high degree of integration. High-performance dynamic seal with annular seal cage, good sealing, no oil leakage, long service life, can withstand the ultimate working pressure of 70bar (equivalent to 28 tire pressure), and good safety.

    In terms of processing technology, a high-precision grinding machine is used to process the surface of the guide bush to cut off the surface peaks and reduce the wear of seals; the smooth, crisscrossed surface structure prolongs the service life of high-performance bearings; high-quality special grease with high temperature resistance is used to keep the bearings in In the best working state, it is not easy to cause abnormal noise and other problems.

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