What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing The Hydraulic Clutch Release Bearing


    The hydraulic clutch release bearing, also known as […]

    The hydraulic clutch release bearing, also known as the coaxial hydraulic auxiliary cylinder; the name implies, the coaxial hydraulic auxiliary cylinder still plays the role of the slave cylinder in the clutch release system.

    However, compared with the traditional hydraulic auxiliary cylinder, the difference is that it integrates a release bearing with a guide sleeve, and the hydraulic cylinder pushes the release bearing to complete the separation of the clutch, abandoning the traditional structure of the fork + release bearing, and the degree of integration is high.

    The installation of a hydraulic release bearing needs to pay attention to these matters, otherwise, it will easily shorten the service life of the clutch.

    If the hydraulic release bearing is not fixed, it cannot be pressed or pressurized, otherwise, the hydraulic cylinder will be damaged; check whether the new hydraulic release bearing is complete and whether there is oil leakage from the gearbox oil seal or sealing ring. Replace it in time, and after the replacement, pay attention to the hydraulic system exhaust after the gearbox and engine are installed. In addition, check the sealing condition of the gearbox. If there is leakage of gearbox oil, replace the I-shaft sealing ring quickly. Please pay attention to wiping the brake fluid left in the cavity when exhausting.

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