What Is The Difference Between a Racing Clutch Disc And a Normal Clutch?


    The dual-clutch is divided into DSG and AMT. The fo […]

    The dual-clutch is divided into DSG and AMT. The former consists of two sets of manual gearboxes, one set of odd-numbered gears, and one set of even-numbered gears. When one set of gearboxes is in operation, the other set is preparing. For example, now the car is in 3rd gear, then the even number The gearbox is then ready to downshift to 2nd gear or up to 4th gear; the latter uses a sticky hydraulically-inductive clutch plate to achieve gear changes, generally on a formula car.

    What is the difference between a racing clutch disc and a normal clutch?

    The torque of the racing clutch is relatively large, and the most direct way to improve the transmission efficiency without stepping on the clutch is of course to replace the clutch with higher efficiency, including the clutch friction plate with a higher friction coefficient and the clutch pressure plate with greater strength. For skilled racers, when changing gears in areas with high torque and high torque after replacing the clutch, can effectively shorten the clutch slippage time and improve the transmission efficiency. However, the friction force of the competitive clutch is too large, the clutch diaphragm spring is very hard, the pressing force of the pressure plate is too strong, and there is almost no semi-linked state. The clutch plates of the manual transmission are all clutch plates without a buffer structure.

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