Ways to Reduce the Loss of Clutch Plates


How to reduce clutch wear 1. Don't step on the clutch w […]

How to reduce clutch wear

1. Don't step on the clutch without shifting gears;

2. The time of semi-linkage should not be too long, and the gear should be changed in time according to the road conditions;

3. Don't step on the clutch pedal too early when you need to decelerate. You should wait for the vehicle speed to fall within a reasonable range before stepping on the clutch pedal to reduce the clutch idling;

4. When parking, the neutral gear should be selected and the clutch pedal should be released, so as to avoid increasing the burden of the clutch.

5. Start with 1st gear to obtain the maximum torque at the start and reduce clutch overload.

The clutch plate is not exposed and is not easy to be observed, so its state is not easy to be noticed. Many car owners who do not often send their cars for maintenance often notice the pungent odor when the clutch is out of order or the clutch plate is burnt.

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