The Technical Advantages Of European Cars


   With the advantages of craftsmanship and technology, […]

   With the advantages of craftsmanship and technology, European heavy-duty trucks have outstanding performance in terms of high attendance rate, high economy, and high quality, making them dominate the entire automobile market. In the domestic market, the role of European trucks is largely reflected in transportation logistics. Why is this?

   You must know that the entire life cycle of express logistics transportation vehicles is 6-8 years, the cumulative mileage meter ranges from 20 million to 30 million kilometers, and the cycle of replacing truck clutch disc and brake discs is about 10 million kilometers. European truck parts have a long life cycle and low fuel consumption and are more suitable for long-term use. Among imported heavy truck models, European brands such as Volvo, Scania, and MAN are the representatives.

  The most prominent feature of European trucks is that their modular design is more prominent. In addition to the shared power chain and other chassis components, commercial vehicle companies will make certain dimensions according to the needs of vehicles under different working conditions in order to reduce the development cycle of new cabs. Expand, shrink.

  European man-made cars emphasize the advanced nature of technology, the design is more rigorous and scientific, the quality is very reliable, and the technology is very advanced. In terms of safety performance, the European and American departments have also done a very good job. However, due to the excessive reliance on the advanced nature of technology and design, the price of the vehicle is conceivable regardless of the cost of material selection.


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