The Obvious Advantage That Pull Clutches Have


    Pull clutches have the following advantages over pu […]

    Pull clutches have the following advantages over push diaphragm clutches.

    One structure is more simplified, because the pulling type diaphragm spring clutch cancels the supporting parts of the center punch, and only uses one (or no) supporting ring, so the structure is simpler, more compact, the number of parts is less, and the weight is lighter.

    Second, the torque capacity is larger. Since the diaphragm spring of the pull clutch is pressed against the pressure plate by the middle part instead of the large end, a diaphragm spring with a larger diameter can be used in the same pressure plate size, thereby improving the compression force. force and torque capacity without increasing breakaway steering forces.

    Its three separation efficiency is higher. In order to improve the separation efficiency, when a certain pressure plate lift is guaranteed, the separation stroke of the release bearing, that is, the separation empty stroke should be reduced. Since the release finger of the pull clutch must be embedded in a special release bearing assembly, the release bearing and the release finger There is no free travel between them, which can improve the separation efficiency.

    Its four-pedal operation is more convenient. One is that the leverage ratio of the pull clutch diaphragm is greater than that of the pushed clutch. Second, because the pull clutch has no intermediate support, many friction pairs and friction losses are reduced, and the transmission efficiency is high. Therefore, the pedal force of the pull clutch is much lower than that of the push diaphragm clutch.

    Fifth, the service life is longer. Because the central window of the pull clutch cover is enlarged, the heat dissipation and ventilation conditions are good.

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