The Difference Between Clutch Cover and Clutch Pressure Plate


The clutch cover is the operating device of the clutch […]

The clutch cover is the operating device of the clutch assembly of a manual transmission automobile. The clutch cover directly affects the starting, shifting and reversing of the automobile. The clutch cover mainly has a friction plate on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake plate on the wheel, it is made of very wear-resistant asbestos and copper wire. The friction plate of the pressure plate also has the lowest allowable thickness. , The friction plate on the pressure plate should also be replaced. The original friction plate replacement can be purchased as a spare part and replaced by yourself. Now, you buy the pressure plate sub-assembly with the friction plate installed. You don't need to change the friction plate by yourself, just change the clutch pressure plate.

The gland of the clutch can rotate. The role of the cover and the driven plate of the automobile clutch is to transmit the power of the engine to the gearbox when the two are combined, that is, to transmit power. The friction plate is also called the clutch plate because it is an important part of the clutch, which is combined or clutched by a friction clutch.

The clutch has three important functions: transmitting power; cutting off power; preventing overload.

The clutch cover is installed on the flywheel of the engine and rotates together with the engine; the driven disc (that is, the friction plate) is splined with the input shaft of the gearbox through the spline groove. When the friction plate rotates, the input shaft of the gearbox will follow. When the gland is pressed on the driven plate under the action of the spring, the power is transmitted; when the gland is stepped on the clutch pedal, the gland returns, the driven plate has no force, that is, the disengaged state; If you lightly step on the clutch, the spring of the gland does not have full effect, this is half clutch, also called half linkage.

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