The characteristics of the three bearings


    The hydraulic bearing adopts a loop-type oil lockin […]

    The hydraulic bearing adopts a loop-type oil locking structure, which improves the non-sealed design of the bottom of the traditional oil-impregnated bearing and seals the bottom of the bearing, which has the advantages of longer life and lower noise; Features: special low wear, high and low-temperature grease.

    The ball bearing is in the form of rolling friction, using two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls in the bearings that rotate around the axis, so the friction force is small, and there is no oil leakage problem. The advantage of double ball bearings is that they have a long life, and the disadvantage is that they are slightly noisy.

    Second, oil-impregnated bearings are sleeve bearings that use sliding friction, in which lubricants and drag reducers are used. The advantage is that the noise is low, but the lubricating oil gradually volatilizes due to the oil seal after long-term use. It is necessary to open the oil seal to add oil, otherwise, the bearing will be easily worn, the noise will be increased, and the service life is shorter than that of the ball bearing. The price is very low, suitable for low to medium speed fans.

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