Replace the Clutch According to the Degree of Wear of the Clutch Disc


The medium that transmits engine power to the gearbox. […]

The medium that transmits engine power to the gearbox. The material of the clutch plate is similar to that of the brake disc, and the friction disc has certain high-temperature resistance. When the car is running, when the clutch pedal is stepped on, the clutch plate is separated from the engine flywheel. When the clutch plate is connected to the engine flywheel when the high gear is switched to the low gear, as the engine speed decreases, the car is forced to fall to The driving speed that matches the speed, its own inertial kinetic energy is automatically consumed.

Clutch plate replacement cycle

Logically speaking, the clutch plate should be a high-consumable product. But in fact, many people only change the clutch plate once in a few years, and some car owners may have tried to replace the clutch plate after the clutch plate smells of burning.

In fact, the replacement cycle of the clutch is not fixed. The more reliable one is based on the mileage and the degree of wear of the clutch plate.

1. By mileage

The main problem is the operation. It can also be said that if your car is still very powerful, you will change the clutch. Of course, this sometimes requires an experienced repairman to judge, and sometimes the driver can judge according to his own daily differences. of. The general requirement is that it needs to be replaced for 100,000 kilometers.

2. According to loss and usage

You can't run at high speed, and you can only run 80-90 kilometers (because the clutch is slipping) when you step on the accelerator. When you start in first gear, you need to replace the clutch plate and pressure plate. The astringency also needs to be replaced. There is also an uneven feeling during the clutch. It may be that the clutch plate is worn out, so you can consider replacing it in time. Until you find that in the 5th gear at 100 per hour, you suddenly stepped on the accelerator, the speed increased significantly but the speed did not accelerate very much, then it means that your clutch is slipping, or you can hear metal friction every time you lift the clutch Sounds, it also shows that it is time to change.

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