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Clutch Plate is a composite material with friction as i […]

Clutch Plate is a composite material with friction as its main function and structural performance requirements. Friction materials for automobiles are mainly used to manufacture brake friction plates and clutch plates. These friction materials mainly use asbestos-based friction materials. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection and safety, semi-metallic friction materials, composite fiber friction materials, and ceramic fiber friction materials have gradually appeared.

Since friction materials are mainly used in the manufacture of parts of the brake system and drive train in automobiles, it is required to have a sufficiently high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance.

The clutch is a mechanism that uses two clutch friction plates with flat surfaces to be compressed and released in the axial direction to carry out the transmission force. The greater the axial pressure of its two clutch plates, the greater the frictional force generated, and the smoother and normal the operation transmitted to the extruder. Under normal operating conditions, it generally shows that the machine is running smoothly and without noise; the clutch plate will not slip, jam, or disengage under rated load; at the same time, after the clutch plate is separated, it should also be disengaged to completely make the brick machine Stop running without causing other noises or incomplete separation of the two clutch plates. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the clutch disc clearance in the clutch. A large clearance will cause the clutch disc to slip and damage the clutch disc, and a small clearance will make the clutch disc difficult to separate.

Clutch friction plate (referred to as clutch plate) is a very important part of the transmission clutch of automobiles and tractors. It must have a high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance. For the friction characteristics of clutch plates, many studies have been carried out at home and abroad. But for the primary and secondary relations of the pressure (P), speed (V), temperature (T), number of revolutions (t) and other factors that affect its friction characteristics, their interactions, and what functions are they related to the friction characteristics The relationship and test accuracy are still inconclusive.

The friction material is a key factor that determines the performance of the vehicle and mechanical clutch assembly and brake. During the transmission and braking process, the following technical requirements should be met: first, there should be a suitable and stable friction coefficient; second, there should be good resistance Abrasion, moreover, it should have good mechanical strength and physical properties; finally, it must have a higher combination of smoothness and comfort.

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