• Introduction of Release Bearing

    Introduction of Release Bearing

    If you’ve ever driven a manual vehicle, you’ll be familiar with the process required to switch gears and apply power while the car is moving. But have you ever considered how the clutch, gear and power system in your car really work? And did you know, that at the very center of every clutch operatio... read more

    Apr 22,2021 Industry News
  • How to Properly Maintain the Clutch?

    How to Properly Maintain the Clutch?

    Automobile clutch, as everyone knows, its role is to gradually engage the engine and transmission, so as to ensure a smooth start of the car; temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission, so as to facilitate shifting and reduce the impact of shifting; When the car brake... read more

    Apr 02,2021 Industry News
  • The Difference Between Clutch Cover and Clutch Pressure Plate

    The Difference Between Clutch Cover and Clutch Pressure Plate

    The clutch cover is the operating device of the clutch assembly of a manual transmission automobile. The clutch cover directly affects the starting, shifting and reversing of the automobile. The clutch cover mainly has a friction plate on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake plate on the w... read more

    Apr 29,2021 Industry News
  • The Importance of Clutch Kit

    The Importance of Clutch Kit

    Every part of the car design, including the clutch kit, is important. This is one of the many car parts necessary for the correct and uninterrupted operation of the car. Every self-respecting car owner should take time to properly maintain his car. It is very important to perform proper operations o... read more

    May 06,2021 Industry News
  • Composition of Clutch Disc

    Composition of Clutch Disc

    The selection and use of clutch plates, the professional name is a clutch disc. It is no stranger to every car owner or driver. If you choose or use it improperly, it is normal to change the clutch plate in one or two years. This mainly depends on the driving habits of each card friend, the driving ... read more

    Apr 09,2021 Industry News