In Some Ways Racing Clutches Are Different From Other Clutches


    A racing clutch kit is designed for high-performanc […]

    A racing clutch kit is designed for high-performance vehicles, such as race cars and sports cars, and is different from other clutches in several ways:

    Material: Racing clutches are typically made from high-strength materials, such as ceramic or metallic composites, which provide greater durability and heat resistance compared to other clutches.

    Clamping force: Racing clutches have a higher clamping force than other clutches, which allows for more aggressive launches and improved torque transfer. This higher clamping force also helps to prevent slippage during high-performance driving.

    Disc design: Racing clutch discs are typically lighter and have a greater number of friction surfaces, which allows for faster and smoother engagement and release.

    Flywheel: Racing clutches often come with a lightweight flywheel, which reduces the rotating mass of the engine and improves throttle response.

    Pedal feel: Racing clutches often have a stiffer pedal feel than other clutches, which allows for more precise control and engagement.

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