How to Properly Maintain the Clutch?


Automobile clutch, as everyone knows, its role is to gr […]

Automobile clutch, as everyone knows, its role is to gradually engage the engine and transmission, so as to ensure a smooth start of the car; temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission, so as to facilitate shifting and reduce the impact of shifting; When the car brakes in an emergency, it can play a separate role to prevent the transmission system such as the transmission from overloading, thereby playing a certain protective role.

Most people know that if you want to see how a driver’s technique is, it mainly depends on the ability to match the force of the clutch and the gap when using the manual gear. Although the proportion of automatic transmission cars in the current automobile market is increasing, most people still like manual transmission models for simple reasons. One is the feeling of manual shifting, and the other is shifting gears. When stepping on the strength of the clutch.

And there is a saying in the industry: "Don’t step on the clutch if you have nothing to do." This is because the clutch on the car is in a tightly engaged state during normal driving, and the clutch should not slip. Gears and low-speed brakes need to step on the clutch pedal. Do not step on the clutch or put your feet on the clutch pedal at other times. The first is that it is easy to cause clutch slippage and ablation of the clutch disc. The second is that it will cause failures such as the annealing of the clutch compression spring. It will also cause fuel and car waste, and increase driving costs. Of course, putting your foot on the clutch for a long time will cause driving fatigue, making it difficult to grasp the strength of the clutch or even an accident. So since the clutch is so important, I believe everyone is also very concerned about its maintenance. How should we maintain the clutch?

1. Due to the long-term exposed work of the release bearing and the poor lubrication conditions, the release bearing should be removed after every 300 to 500 hours of work on the tractor, cleaned with diesel oil to make it rotate flexibly, and then placed in a container with butter Heat until the butter is filled with the bearing, and then take it out and install it after it has cooled and solidified.

2. The separation claw and the spiral slope of the bearing cover should be cleaned frequently and lubricated with oil or butter, and the small oil hole on the separation claw should be often dripped with oil to lubricate the separation claw and the separation claw seat.

3. When the friction plate, active plate and pressure plate in the clutch are stained with oil or rust, they should be disassembled to remove the oil or oil, cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, dried and installed.

4. After cleaning or replacing the clutch bearing, apply a proper amount of butter, and make the side with the dust cover face the clutch and do not install it backward to prevent oil from flowing into the clutch and causing the clutch to slip.

5. Regularly adjust the clutch operating mechanism, remove the soil, tighten all connecting bolts, and lubricate the clutch pedal shaft as required.

6. If it is found that the friction plate exposes the rivet head, cracks, breaks, large-area scorching, and each friction plate wears to a thickness of less than 3.4 mm, a new friction plate should be replaced.

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