How About Using Dual -Clutch Transmission


    In the use of vehicles, not only does the automatic […]

    In the use of vehicles, not only does the automatic clutch appear, the dual -clutch automatic transmission will also be used in.

    In the low-speed creeping state, the manual transmission car is generally implemented by stepping on the clutch. The automatic clutch installed is not absolutely accurately determined by the actual driving conditions. In the state of relative movement, it exacerbates the wear of the clutch, which makes the cycle of the clutch shorter.

    The advantage of dual -clutch automatic transmission is fuel saving. Because the dual -clutch transmission is eliminated, the power of the engine has been used, that is, the power of the engine is always used, and it is always in the best job, so it can save a lot of fuel. Compared with the traditional planet gear automatic transmission, it is more conducive to improving fuel economy, and fuel consumption can be reduced by about 1 5%.

    The shift time of the dual -clutch transmission is very short, which is faster than the manual gearbox, less than 0.2 seconds.

    However, the structure of the dual -clutch transmission is complicated, and the manufacturing process is relatively high, so the cost is relatively high. Therefore, we see that those equipped with dual -clutch transmissions are some mid -to -high -speed models. Although the dual-clutch gearbox can absolutely meet the requirements of ordinary vehicle, the dual-clutch gearboxes are still not enough. Because if it is a dry-type clutch, there will be too many calories, and the wet clutch will not have enough friction.

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