The Stania series models are further divided into four […]

The Stania series models are further divided into four sub-series: a series of models for construction sites, a series of models for long-distance transportation, a series of models for short-distance transportation, and a series of models for all-round transportation.

In order to meet the increasingly high-speed and large-load requirements of long-distance road transportation, Scania models continuously improve the performance structure of the model, and also improve the dynamic performance indicators of the vehicle year by year.

Under the condition of the average speed of 70 km/h and the train's full-load gross weight of 40 tons, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 33 liters. Fuel consumption is 37-42 L.

In terms of design, Scania's new cab has a better streamlined shape, which ensures better aerodynamic characteristics and reduces the wind resistance to 0.48. Air deflectors are installed on both sides to reduce the air turbulence resistance formed by the neutral space between the rear of the cab and the cabin.

The reduction of fuel consumption lies in the improvement of engine structure and performance. The energy-saving air compressor is adopted, and the cooling liquid temperature precise control system is adopted, which reduces the heat loss carried by the cooling liquid, thereby saving fuel consumption by 2-3%. Scania trucks have many excellent performances, but in the use of wind and sun for many years, bad weather and road use, the clutch parts of Stania vehicles will also face wear and tear, or even burn out, then you need to buy related Clutch components, Taizhou Benwo is committed to the manufacture and production of Scania truck parts, you are welcome to consult if you need it.

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