Features Of The Two Forms Of Spring Clutch


    The inclined spring clutch is a new type of structu […]

    The inclined spring clutch is a new type of structure adopted by heavy-duty vehicles. A large number of cylindrical coil springs are used as compression springs, which act on the force transmission sleeve at an oblique angle respectively, and the latter pushes the pressure rod and acts on the pressure plate after being enlarged according to the lever ratio. At this time, the axial thrust acting on the inner end of the pressure rod is equal to the axial component of the spring pressure. When the friction plate is worn, the inner end of the pressure rod moves forward with the force transmission sleeve, so that the spring is elongated, the pressure is reduced, the inclination angle is also reduced, and the cos value is increased. In this way, the axial thrust of pressing the spring yellow in the wear range of the friction plate can be kept almost unchanged, so that the pressing force of the pressure plate can also be kept almost unchanged. Similarly, when the clutch is disengaged, the force transmission sleeve is moved backward, and the pressing force of the pressure plate is also roughly unchanged.

    Diaphragm spring clutches offer many advantages. First of all, due to the non-linear characteristics of the diaphragm spring, it can be designed so that when the friction plate is worn, the spring pressure can remain almost unchanged, and the pedal force when the clutch is disengaged can be lightened, making the operation light. Secondly, the installation position of the diaphragm spring is symmetrical to the center line of the clutch shaft, so its pressure is actually not affected by centrifugal force, with stable performance and good balance. Furthermore, the diaphragm spring itself acts as a compression spring and a release lever, which greatly simplifies the structure of the clutch, reduces the number of parts, reduces its mass, and significantly shortens its axial dimension. In addition, since the diaphragm spring and the pressure plate are in contact with the entire circumference, the pressure distribution is uniform. The friction pads are in good contact, wear evenly, and are easy to achieve good heat dissipation and ventilation.

    Diaphragm spring clutches have been widely used in cars and miniature and light passenger cars, and are gradually extended to trucks.


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