Features Of Different Types Of Clutches


    In the design of modern automobile friction clutche […]

    In the design of modern automobile friction clutches, the structure of the clutch assembly and the structure of the related components should be reasonably selected according to the type of the model, the user requirements, and the matching requirements with the engine. How should the clutch be selected for some vehicles?

    The single-plate dry friction clutch has a simple structure, easy adjustment, tight axial dimensions, complete separation, the small rotational inertia of the follower, and good heat dissipation. Therefore, it is widely used in all levels of cars and micro, light, and medium passenger cars and trucks, and has also been promoted in some large passenger cars and heavy trucks. When the torque is higher, a double-plate clutch can be used.

    Double dry friction clutch compared to single disc clutch. Due to the increase of friction surfaces, the brittle force for transmitting torque increases, and the joint is smoother and softer. Under the condition of transmitting the same torque. It has a smaller radial dimension and lowers pedal force. However, the axial size is enlarged and the structure is complicated: the poor ventilation and heat exposure of the intermediate pressure plate can easily cause the overheating surface to accelerate the wear of the friction plate or even burn the tablet; the separation stroke is large, and the separation is not easy to be completely separated if it is improperly adjusted; the rotational inertia of the follower is large and easy to Makes shifting difficult, etc. It is only used when the transmitted torque is large and the radial dimension is limited.

    The multi-piece wet clutch has more friction surfaces, and the joint is smoother and softer. The oil pump is used to force the friction table to cool so that it will not overheat even if it slips for a long time when starting, and the starting performance is good. It is said that its service life can be 5~6 times longer than that of the dry type. The friction plate does not work in oil, and the surface wear is small. However, when the viscosity of the oil increases in winter, the axial dimension is large, and the rotational inertia of the driven part is large, which has not been popularized in the past. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of the technology of multi-plate wet clutches and the adoption of heavy-duty vehicles, there is an increasing trend.

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