Features Of Diaphragm Spring Clutches And Central Spring Clutches


    A diaphragm spring clutch is a clutch that uses a d […]

    A diaphragm spring clutch is a clutch that uses a diaphragm spring as a compression spring. The diaphragm spring clutch is also divided into a push-type diaphragm spring clutch and b pull-type diaphragm spring clutch. Its structure consists of the clutch cover and pressure plate assembly, clutch driven plate assembly, clutch release bearing, and flywheel.

    The diaphragm spring clutch has a large and stable torque capacity; easy operation; simple and compact structure; good heat dissipation and ventilation performance; long service life for the friction plate. , The installation position of the diaphragm spring is completely symmetrical to the rotation axis of the clutch, so its pressing force will not be affected by centrifugal force, which is very suitable for high-speed rotation. And the technological level of manufacturing diaphragm springs continues to improve, so these kinds of clutches are used more and more in cars.

    The central spring clutch adopts 1-2 cylindrical coil springs or a conical coil spring with a rectangular section as the compression spring and is arranged in the middle of the clutch. Its structural components include a pressure plate, a clutch cover, an adjustment ring, an elastic pressure rod, a fan blade, a compression spring, a release bearing, a release sleeve, and a pressure plate release spring.

    The pressure spring of the central spring clutch is not in direct contact with the pressure plate, so the heat generated by the pressure plate due to friction will not be directly transferred to the spring to make the tempering failure. The pressing force of the central spring acts on the pressure plate through the lever system and is amplified by the lever ratio, so a small spring force can be used to obtain a sufficiently large pressing force of the pressure plate. The middle section of the elastic pressure rod of some central spring clutches is often made into a blade shape, which becomes a fan blade, which is beneficial to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the clutch.

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