Commonly Used Materials For Clutch Discs


     The common materials of clutch discs are composite […]

     The common materials of clutch discs are composite aramid yarn, copper substrate, high twist, core-spun yarn, non-asbestos, red copper, organic metal sheet, fiber yarn, etc. There are many kinds.

     Composite Aramid Yarn: Aramid is an organic synthetic material with high strength, high modulus, low density, and high wear resistance, and has stable chemical properties. Due to the defects of a single aramid fiber when it is used, the strength will decrease after encountering water, etc., aramid fiber is usually made into a composite material to meet the requirements of its application performance, and the composite aramid yarn is made by dry winding method or wet winding method. To meet the requirements of friction materials.

    Copper substrate: copper-based alloy metal friction material, which has the advantages of high hardness and good heat dissipation, but it is easy to wear the clutch pressure plate.

    High twist: A term for textiles. Relative to the concept of untwisted softness, high twist clutch plates have the characteristics of moderate hardness and good cushioning properties.

    Core-spun yarn: The core-spun yarn is generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn, and the outer cotton, wool, viscose fiber, and other short fibers are twisted and spun together. The core-spun yarn has the excellent properties of both the filament core yarn and the outer staple fiber. The friction material made of this material has good toughness and moderate price, so it is also widely used in the production of clutch face plates.

    Asbestos-free: In the past, asbestos products were dusty and had poor performance. Therefore, in the new improvement, the clutch plate is made of asbestos-free composite material, and its performance is improved compared to the asbestos surface.

    Organometallic plate: strong performance, but high price, generally used in high-torque models, such as heavy-duty trucks and clutch plates for racing cars.

    Fiber Yarn: Fiber-based synthetic composite material with good toughness, good friction resistance, and lightweight.


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