The clutch is installed between the engine and the […]

    The clutch is installed between the engine and the transmission and is a component that cuts off and transmits power between the engine and the vehicle driveline. During the whole process of the truck from starting to normal driving, the driver can operate the clutch as needed to temporarily separate or gradually engage the engine and the driveline to cut off or transmit the power output from the engine to the driveline. The clutch is an important part of the power system of cars and trucks. It is responsible for the work of disconnecting and connecting the power and the engine. There are now two main types of clutches.

   The first is the friction clutch, which is the most widely used and oldest type of clutch. The main and driven parts and the pressing mechanism are the basic structures to ensure that the clutch is in an engaged state and can transmit power, and the operating mechanism of the clutch is mainly a device that separates the clutch. In the separation process, depress the clutch pedal, first eliminate the free clearance of the clutch in the free stroke, and then generate the separation clearance in the working stroke, and the clutch is separated.

   The second is that the hydraulic clutch uses fluid as the transmission medium. Compared with the mechanical clutch, in addition to various changes in transmission characteristics, it also mainly absorbs the vibration and shock caused by the rotation of the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The structure of the hydraulic clutch includes an input shaft, a speed-increasing gear train: a working fluid flow chamber, which is composed of an impeller, a driven wheel, and an impeller casing.

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