The phenomenon of "burning sheets" of different deg […]

    The phenomenon of "burning sheets" of different degrees of medium and heavy truck clutches is the main problem in the actual use of medium and heavy truck clutch friction plates.

    There are many reasons for the "burning plate" of the clutch: such as poor separation caused by problems such as booster and release bearing. Such as under certain circumstances due to insufficient engine power; insufficient torque due to severe overload; reduced area of ​​torque transmission components due to deformation of clutch components: such as due to operational reasons, etc. But some of these reasons are problems common to all models, not specific to medium and heavy-duty trucks. The main reasons why there are relatively more burning chips in medium and heavy-duty trucks may be as follows:

(1) There is a serious overload phenomenon in transportation, and the slippage or relative slippage between the driven disc and the pair is the main reason that makes the clutch of medium and heavy trucks more likely to burn.

(2) Serious deformation of the pressure plate, spring, and other components, and the quality problems of the related components lead to a serious decrease in the torque transmission capacity of the clutch, and the severe separation is also one of the reasons why the clutch is prone to burning.

(3) Long-term uninterrupted driving coupled with poor driving road conditions and driving environment also make the clutch prone to "burning sheets". Dry friction clutch friction plates are currently widely used on medium and heavy-duty trucks. Medium and heavy trucks are not only large in number but also have a high frequency of replacement of clutch discs. As far as the production of clutch friction plates is concerned, the production share of clutch friction plates for medium and heavy trucks is increasing, especially from the maintenance market. With more and more orders, it has gradually become the leading product in the production of clutch friction plates except for the friction plates for cars.

(4) The use of friction plates with too low friction coefficient or too fast decay is also one of the reasons why the clutch "burning plate" is easily caused. When the clutch or other parts of the system cause the clutch to malfunction, the friction plate sometimes burns out very quickly. For example, when there is a serious slippage phenomenon between the driven plate and the pair due to insufficient torque, or when there is a serious half-clutch phenomenon caused by the problem of related components and the poor separation of the clutch caused by human reasons, the friction plate will be severely damaged. Burn quickly.

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