Release Bearing is an Important Part of the Car


The clutch release bearing is one of the important part […]

The clutch release bearing is one of the important parts of the automobile. With the development of the automobile industry, it has appeared in many structural types. The clutch release bearing has evolved from a low-speed unit with no self-aligning performance, outer ring rotation, cast iron sleeve, or inner ring and sleeve integrated, to self-aligning performance, inner ring rotation, stamping ring, and stamping sleeve or The high-speed, high-reliability bearing unit of the plastic sleeve reduces weight and cost, and realizes componentization, light weight, high reliability and long life.

Main structure type

Ordinary (non-aligning) clutch release bearing

This type of product structure mainly includes stamped outer cover type angular contact ball bearings and single-side rubber sealing ring type angular contact ball bearings. Generally, the outer ring rotates and cannot be used alone. Generally, it needs to be used with a cast iron sleeve. Such products are gradually being replaced by self-aligning clutch release bearings.

Self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly

The self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly has the characteristics of self-aligning, long life, light weight, etc.; it has the function of reducing noise and reducing wear and damage of matching parts. The core part is a set of angular contact ball bearings. From the analysis of material selection and performance, the main features are as follows:

(1) Angular contact ball bearings use nylon cages to isolate and guide the steel balls. Its weight is lighter than traditional steel cages and has good self-lubricating properties. It can reliably even under poor lubrication conditions. Perform its function;

(2) The self-aligning separation bearing whose bearing is rotated by the inner ring is superior to the processing method of the outer ring rotation from the kinematics point of view, and can avoid the centrifugal effect of the rotating outer ring on the grease.

(3) The sleeve materials include cast iron and glass fiber reinforced nylon 66. Compared with the corresponding cast iron structure, the reinforced nylon 66 has a significantly reduced quality, especially the plastic has good sliding properties, and the release bearing sleeve and aluminum alloy can be abandoned. Grease lubrication between the guide sleeves of the front cover. Grease lubrication is used in conventional clutches. The grease becomes a stagnant place for dust and abrasive particles. Coupled with the increase in temperature, the release bearing on the front cover guide sleeve is scabs and blocked. The plastic sleeve and the metal guide sleeve of the front cover can form a dry sliding friction pair with little wear, which can completely eliminate this shortcoming caused by grease;

(4) The bearing adopts rubber sealing ring, which can prevent grease leakage more reliably than steel stamping outer cover.

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